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Inside Every Storage Unit is a Story

At CubeSmart, we believe it’s what’s inside that counts. Just like what’s inside the cover a book, contained within each and every one our storage units is a story. From starting a new chapter to building a business to reflecting on a lifetime of accomplishments, open the door to a person’s storage unit and you flip through the pages of their life.

Real customers have given a glimpse into their storage units and their lives through our Humans of Self Storage project. Read stories about a friendship founded on a shared passion for off-roading and remote-control cars or a story about a man going through a divorce who not only needs a place to store his things, but a place where he feels welcome and connected to a community. Their items are valuable to them. They’re made to keep.

Some customers even share how books play a role in their lives:

Michael Dupree’s experience having watched kids at his newly desegregated Yonkers elementary school receive new textbooks gives him a unique perspective in his job with an educational textbook company.

“It made a big difference to them. I was lucky that I never knew anything else, but I later saw it in high school when we had older books. Now that I'm in this business I have a better understanding of what goes into these decisions and the budget issues school districts face."

Randolph Hoppe’s passion project dedicated to comic book artist Jack Kirby, best known as the mind behind the Avengers, the Hulk, Captain America, and more, is all about wanting to share what has been a great reading experience for him and others.

"We tend to think of them as just ‘superhero stories,' but there's a lot more self-expression in them than you'd think."

Peter Sandor Gardos’s simplification of his life has him reflecting on a life of academia and providing therapy to those in need. A noted expert, he has authored over 100 texts and was featured widely on national media.

"I have a friend that said, ‘Every year you start a new chapter.' I said, ‘I think I'm ready for a new book now.'"

Sandra Thompson’s ninth book is an autobiography after a series of eight books about Palm Beach and its history. The 80-year old widow is an artist and former journalist who is also known as “The Palm Beach Artist”.

"I travel through my artwork. Every painting is a trip."

Need storage for your story? Find it at CubeSmart Self Storage in Tewksbury. 

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